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A Helping hand

A Helping hand

I was walking on the esplanade this morning around 6.30- 7.00am. The GCC council is doing a lot of work on the beach in readiness for the Commonwealth Games in April 2018. Temporary building fences were up for about 500 metres along the beach restricting access  whilst this work is  being done.

As I walked along, there were a group of Chinese tourist who were looking very confused. I could see them from about 100 metres awa,y all in a bit of a  flurry and wondering how do they get on the beach. 
They were pushing a lady in the group to ask me  if the beach was closed, and if not, how do they get on as they could see other people walking on the beach.

To cut to the chase, i showed them where the next  beach access was and they thanked me and we went our separate  ways.
But the interesting thing is, it made me feel good that i could help them. I then thought of why i like this business of the golf travel, and it is the same reason. I can help people enjoy their golf and holidays. It gives one a good feeling to be able to make people enjoy things.
So it is not just a job at GGA and GLT, We enjoy helping and making it the best holiday it can possibly be. It's our pleasure.

That's who we are.