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Climate Change

After the election and listening to all the reason why Labor lost and who fault is was, i thought i would put down my thoughts. Probably not a good idea in business, but i think we all need to get on one page or we are going to keep arguing as a nation. Firstly, i believe in Climate Change. We are a part of the world, therefore if the world is going to make a difference, we must play our part. This has happened with Australia signing the Paris agreement and has agreed targets in mine. It would be useless to reach these targets, and even better them if we can, but if the rest of the world doesn't, Australia is not alone going to make a huge difference. However, i think we should take on board Climate change, but more importantly take on our own environment. This we can do, and effects us all. And the one main thing we can do is save and distribute our water.. Our rivers need to be flowing again. We can do this with a big vision. I won't go on who this will help, but it will help all of us. We must be water proof Australia. In today';s world, this is so possible. Secondly, all public transport should be free. 7 days a week. 10cents on each litre of petrol would cover this. Not much to pay for our children's safety and personal development, plus all should be encouraged to use it. Just need to make it the best it can be. Federal government should allocate and distribute monies to councils for bike paths so children can ride and walk to school. It is good for the Children as a bit of independence as well as getting all the cars that are dropping children off to school off the roads. Government should give big tax incentives to get business to move north were the water is and to regional towns in Qld. Move the people out of the cities into regional Australia, for not only a better lifestyle , but will help reduce the stress on both Melbourne and Sydney. This will reduce traffic congestion, pollution, house prices and create work for the new infrastructure to the regional towns. It is an absolutely no brainer and a win win situation for everyone. Just taken a phone call, and have lost my train of thought, but they are my thoughts for the day. Great opportunity for Scott Morrison to stamp his vision for future Australia. Hope he can!