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Secrets to Planning the Ultimate Golfing Holiday

Secrets to Planning the Ultimate Golfing Holiday

With so many options at our fingertips finding a place to start when planning a holiday can feel daunting.  Here are our top tips to get you started.

Secret 1. Dream... set really big goals. Pebble Beach for a week? St. Andrews? New Zealand? Do it. There is always a way to play the world's greatest golf destinations on your terms. 

Secret 2. Ignore the Golf Magazines and what you read on the Internet. The resorts pay the magazines to write “puff” pieces that include inaccurate, hyped-up reviews. And 99.9% of what you'll find on golf forums and travel websites is pure junk. 

Secret 3. Plan Way Ahead... sometimes up to 18 months in advance. But be on the lookout for last-minute deals, but generally...the more you plan ahead, the more you will enjoy your trip (and the more you'll save). Planning includes getting advice from a reliable source. 

Secret 4. Focus on the Fun... enjoy the "apres golf" and enjoy the ride ... there's much more to golf travel than golf. For example ... when you're in Scotland, make sure you try haggis. In Ireland? Perfectly-poured Guinness. 

Secret 5. There is Always some Type of Deal Out There... some way to save money ... some way to play an ultra-private course ... some way to get a free upgrade from coach to business. You just need the right "insider" information. 

Secret 6. Choose Your Group Wisely... to get through a day of horizontal rain in Ireland...and always good company in the evening. A couple of terminal complainers can make life extremely difficult. But super-fun companions can make a great trip even better. 

Secret 7. Know the Difference Between Information and Advice... Basic "information" is everywhere. But expert advice -- the kind you'd get from a trusted friend -- is priceless. Golf trips are hard to plan; they're quirky and unpredictable. So, it's VITAL to have the inside track from a reliable you make the right decisions about your golf travel...and enjoy every minute of every golf trip.