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2018, "What is in it for you"

What does 2018 mean for you? 
Is it going to be a good or great year ? or just another year as the days intermingle and  roll on by...
For those of us who are in the last quarter of our lives, and lucky enough to be kicking with the wind, it is time to plan and do the few things we love.

The good thing about getting older is we know what we like. We need to make decisions to make sure we get the best value out of 2018.

 One year at a time or maybe two!

Most important, go and get a health check. Especially men.
Get the all clear, or nip something in the bud that you weren't aware of. Too many of my friends could have been saved if they had done this. Please go and get a check up

Once you have done that, priorities what you love to do.

I will tell you mine,
1) Family, and especially grand kids who make it all worthwhile.
2) Golf, both at home and in my travels.
3) Good friend's company and a good laugh, love a good laugh.
4) Love a lunch with old mates that i don't see much of these days as we have different lives. ( least once a year)
5) Go to one place i haven't been before and on my bucket list
6) *Ask your family a friends "R U' OK"
7) *Give to others, not talking about money, but some of your time, wisdom, etc if asked, as you are a lot wiser than you think.

So make a list of what you love to do and act on it everyday  to make 2018 a great year.

You don't have to do much, it maybe a text, a phone call, and it can make so much difference both to you and your friends to say "Hi".

Have a great Xmas, and NY, good golfing if you get a chance for a game or two, but most importantly enjoy your family and friends and stay safe.