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R U Ok!

R U Ok!

I want to discuss the "R .U. OK" Day last week.
It hit a nerve with me because a lot of my age (Baby Boomers) mate seem to be struggling a bit. There are a number of reason and everyone is different, but it can be health, finance, not been of  value any more at work, or just some low self esteem. It can be for any reason.
A FACT.: there are more suicides each year  than motor vehicle accidents  and Australia is the forth highest  in the world pro rata of population.. This is crazy stat. for the " Lucky Country".

The point is this, we all have mates and at Getaway Golf we have so many that play golf,  network and socialise with each other.
So why don't this week when you are out playing  with your golfing friends, just ask, "R U OK"
Then just listen.
At Getaway Golf we are making enquiries how we can be of assistance to this fantastic cause.
"R U Ok" matters to us, and if we can help in anyway to listen, encourage and past on some contact information please feel that you can emails us anonymously. First name and email address that's all.

If you are golfing this week, just ask your mate, "R U OK".

If you or someone you care about is suffering or for more information: